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(George Faill 1790 of Northumberland)


Here in the gallery are illustrations, photographs and document scans of the Fail family (subject to copyright).


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Back Row, L-R: William?, Catherine, Thomas? Faill. Front Row, L-R: Joseph, Catherine, Thomas, Anthony Faill. c1914   Thomas Faill (b1871) and Catherine Faill (b1873) - (nee McAndrew), Photo taken around 1940   Thomas Faill (Hanlon) 4th January 1941
Wedding of Tony & Josephine, August 30th 1941 - Tony Faill (b1908), Josephine (nee Gamba) b1907, Bobbie Gamba b1913, Joe Faill b 1913.   Tony & Josephine Faill, 50th Wedding Anniversary 1991   Thomas Faill (1894-1926), Son of Thomas Faill & Catherine McAndrew
Horden, Co. Durham 1958. Back Row, L-R: Doris Hunter, Ted Richardson, Billy Faill, Marie Faill, Josie Faill, Tony Faill, Shirley Faill, Tommy Faill. Front Row, L-R: Teresa Faill (on knee of Kitty Faill), Thomas Faill (in front of Maureen Faill), Margaret Faill, Bridget Faill (in front of Catherine Faill), Pat Faill (crying) - (Kitty was married to Ted Richardson).   Thomas Faill born about 1820 was a First Lifeguard from 1841 to 1865. He died in 1868. This painting shows the ceremonial uniform he would have worn.   Joe Faill, 1913 to 1994. Son of Thomas Faill and Catherine McAndrew. Photo taken during WW2.
Tommy Faill, born 1920. Son of Catherine Faill and Michael Hanlon. Photo taken during WW2.   Royal Engineers (c1942) - Tony Faill (born 1908) bottom right.   Patricia Faill (1932-1942), daughter of Catherine Faill.
William Faill (1924-1989), son of Thomas Faill (1894-1926). Photo taken during WW2.   Article in Newcastle Courant 7th January 1842   Catherine Hill Bay Cemetery, Northwood Road, New South Wales, Australia
  Related Line: Antonio Gamba