Contributions from: Duncan Bray & Mitzi Hanson

(John Fail 1675 of Kirknewton, Northumberland)


Here in the gallery are illustrations, photographs and document scans of the Fail family (subject to copyright).

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  Eleanor Fail (1804 to 1880)   The Red Lion Pub, Glanton, Northumberland now flats
Parish Church of Embleton, Northumberland   The Parish Church at Embleton, Northumberland   The Parish Church, Alnham, Northumberland
The Parish Church, Doddington, Northumberland   The Parish Church, Doddington, Northumberland   Old Bewick Church, Old Bewick, Northumberland
St Maurices Church, Eglingham   North Farm, Doddington, Northumberland   St Nicholas Church, Cramlington, Northumberland
St Lawrence's Church, Workworth, Northumberland   North Farm, Doddington, Northumberland   St Gregory The Great's Church, Kirknewton Northumberland
St Francis Church, Wingate, Co Durham   Longframlington Village c 1905   St Alban's Church, Earsdon, Northumberland
Poster Advertising Healeycoat Races (Longframlington) April 1825   Longhorsley School c 1900   Longframlington Presbyterian Chapel c 1920
All Saints Church, Rothbury, Northumberland   St Mary's Church, Wooler   Wooler School c 1915
St Gregory's Church, Kirknewton, Northumberland   South Farm, Doddington, Northumberland   Rothbury High Street c 1880
Reward Poster, Theft from Humbleton Hill, Wooler 1819   Map of Longframlington Village c 1860   Map of Wooler Township c 1860
Map of Rothbury Township c 1860   Map of Kirknewton Parish c 1860   Map of Doddington Parish c 1860
Looking from Wooler to Doddington Moor c 1900   St Mary's Church, Wooler, Northumberland   St John The Baptist Church, Ulgham
Alms Houses at Rothbury   St Michael's Church, Alwinton   Adam Joseph Fail Bray b. 2003, 8 x Grandson of John Fail of Kirknewton, Northumberland
Matthew Gareth Hanson   Alexander Nigel Hanson   Francesca Louise Hanson