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The FAIL and FAILL (and other variants) surnames can be traced to 4 main areas of Britain. Scotland, Northumberland & Durham, London & South East and the Isle of Man. Often links can be established connecting various branches who have migrated, intermarried etc. There are many lines who have migrated abroad including Australia, New Zealand, Canada, USA and South Africa.

The object of this website is to provide a forum for individuals researching the FAIL surname and all of its derivitives and connected lineages. Its aim is to assist one another in expanding our knowledge and building these connections between families.

On the NOTICEBOARD details of lineages under investigation are available as downloadable files for consutation. This also contains details of various DATABASES we hold which we are happy to access on behalf of researchers.

The GALLERY contains several pages of photographs and other images related to various FAIL families which we hope will be of interest to all those researching the name.

Over the last few years we have had a number of contributors who include:

D R Bray, Ms M Hanson, Miss E Greenacre, Mrs F Ward, Mrs Heather Cooke, Mrs Helen Verrall, Mr S Dua and others.

We respectfully ask that anyone using data obtained from this site please use the appropriate acknowledgements and attributions.

This material and information exchange service is intended for the personal use of fellow FAIL researchers only.

Contact us via email at drb@thefails.org

Copyright is retained by Sovereign Ancestry, England on behalf of all contributors.


We also maintain a web site for research into
The JOHNSTON Genealogy.