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(William Faill 1757 of Elsdon, Northumberland)


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Frederick James Moralee (born 1880) son of Isabella Faill and Nicholas Moralee   Isabella Faill (b1838) with son Alexander Faill Moralee (b1885), Kitty the horse and Lassie the dog c1905-15, Blackhill   John Moralee, eldest son of Isabella Faill at Blackburn Farm
William Moralee Faill, son of William Faill and Maud Ethel Faill (nee Moralee)   William Moralee and his wife Florence (nee Ayton) with their two children Catherine and Billy   James Thornton, son of James Thornton & Margaret Faill
James Thornton & Margaret Faill, Hartburn (date for Margaret below grass but checked)   Ellen Arkle, daughter of Edward Faill, Elsdon   Sarah Faill, Elsdon. Reverse of William Faill of East Nook
Gravestone at Blackhill Cemetery, Co Durham   Great Tosson Near Rothbury, William Faill and Elizabeth Reavley lived at Great Tosson Fallowlees and Chartners before moving to Elsdon   William Faill of East Nook
William Faill & Elizabeth Reaveley, Elsdon   John Ayton & Catherine Stokoe (nee Faill) at Elsdon   East Nook (Steptoe's Yard!)
Landshott   Chesters Farm Near Alnham   Chartners
Bowershield   Fallowlees   Dunshield
Children of George Faill of Battleshielhaugh, Alwinton Church   Grave of Elizabeth, wife of George Faill of Battleshielhaugh, Alwinton Church   St Cuthbert's Church, Elsdon, Northumberland
Article in Newcastle Courant, 7th January 1842   William Potts   William Potts
William Potts Death Certificate        
    William Potts Will