Contributions from: Lesley Madde of Australia

(The Fail connection is via Margaret Pearson (Faill))


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Notation by Lesley Madde
Left to Right: John Pearson, Bernard Pearson, Frank Pearson (sitting), Margaret Pearson (Faill), Walter Pearson, Charles Pearson, Mabel Pearson (standing), Myrtle Pearson (my mother) and Harold Pearson.
Bernard and Mabel were born in England before Margaret and Charles emigrated to Australia, the others in Newcastle, NSW, Australia.
My Uncle Walter was born in 1925 (he is the one sitting on his parents' knees) so I am guessing the photo was taken 1926/27. My cousin Terence has the same photo and my grandmother (Margaret) always sent photos for Christmas to Rellies in Hull. Uncle Wal was born 28th September 1925 so I think the photo was for Xmas 1927.
  Margaret Faill   Margaret Faill before marriage
Alfred Montem Smith, Obituary   Margaret Faill   Margaret & Charles with baby Mabel, c1909
Margaret is standing far left with the black hat with white centre, her sister Minnie is seated far right under the gentleman with the moustache in her pretty bonnet. The children sitting in front of the bride & groom are Mabel and Bernard Pearson.   Memorial Plaques Margaret Pearson (nee Faill)   Margaret, Charles, Mabel & baby John on a buggy ride in Temora, NSW, Australia.
Margaret's brother Frank & his wife Mary 1959   Frank & Mary Faill with children Sue & Ross   Left to Right: Unknown, Margaret, Minnie, Unknown, Unknown, on Margaret's visit to England in 1961.
Minnie Gray (nee Faill), Margaret's sister, 1980   Margaret, her daughter Myrtle and her husband Leslie Neal   Margaret & Minnie at Sledmere Monument 1961
Margaret Pearson (Faill) Christmas 1961