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Alexander Fail of Bannockburn Stirlingshire, Scotland   Frederick Fail of Bermondsey
and New Zealand
  George Faile of Whickham
Co. Durham
George Fail 1799 [Cath James] of Harbottle, Northumberland   James Fail of
Doddington, Northumberland
  John Fail of Kirknewton &
Ilderton, Northumberland
John Fale 1791 of
West Mersea, Essex
  Robert Fail 1809 of
Wooler, Northumberland
  Robert Fail 1825 of
Northumberland & Cheshire
Robert Fail 1825 of
Wooperton, Northumberland
  Robert Mather Fail 1805
of Brompton, Kent
  William Fail [Cordwainer]
of Northumberland
William Fail 1750s of South Leith
Midlothian, Scotland
  William Fail 1763 of
Wooler, Northumberland
  William Fail [son George 1799]
of Elsdon, Northumberland

List of private databases held by us:

  1. GRO Indexes of Births, Marriages & Deaths in England & Wales 1837 - 2004.  Complete.
  2. IGI listings of baptisms & marriages 1538 onwards.   Complete.
  3. Census Records for England & Wales 1841 - 1901.   Complete.
  4. Census Records for Scotland 1841.   Complete.
  5. PCC Wills 1550 - 1858.   Complete.
  6. Probate Calendars for England & Wales 1858 - 1940. Complete.
  7. Scottish Wills. Complete.
  8. US Federal Census 1880. Complete.
  9. Commonwealth War Graves Listings. Complete.
  10. WW1 Medal Entitlements. Complete.
  11. War Office documents held at TNA, Kew. Complete.
  12. Electoral Registers FAIL & FAILL (England & Wales 2005). Complete
  13. Scottish OPRs pre 1855 (baptisms & marriages). Complete
  14. Scottish Statutory Returns - Births 1855 - 1905. Complete
  15. Scottish Statutory Returns - Marriages 1855 - 1930. Complete
  16. Scottish Statutory Returns - Deaths 1855 - 1955. Complete
  17. USA Ellis Island Passenger Arrivals Lists. Complete
  18. Kelly's Directory Northumberland 1914. Complete
  19. Ward's Directory Newcastle Upon Tyne 1890 & 1898. Complete