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(Thomas Fail, 1783 of Wooler, Northumberland)


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Blue House Farm, Bedlingtonshire   Left to Right: Francis Norman Fail (1883 to 1947), Brian Fail (1886 to 1935), Arthur Fail (1889 to 1954).   Lt Col Frederick Fail, son of William Fail (born 1875) Bedlington, Northumberland. Served in the Army in India.
William Fail, 1891 to 1967   Back Row, L-R: George Fail, Ernest Fail, Charles Fail, Thomas Fail, Frederick William Fail (1891 to 1967). Front Row, L-R: Herbert Fail, Gertrude Fail, Frank Fail, Basil Fail.   Frederick William Fail (aka William Oswald Ernest Fail), Australia pre WW1.
Emily Fail & Children, William Ernest Henry Fail, Martha Georgina Fail (known as Pat).   Harry Fail (brother of Emily), holding Ethel's baby June.   Morpeth? Newspaper cartoon depicting Ernest Fail (born 1898)
William Oswald Ernest Fail, Martha (nee Wood) and her mother Jane (nee Walker), with baby William Ernest Henry Fail (c1916).   Frances Harbottle Fail (born 1861).   Underground at Bedlington Pit (c1925).
St Cuthbert's Church, Bedlington (c1910).   Queue for the soup kitchen at Bedlington (c1910).   Group of coat hewers at Bedlington (c1900).
Bedlington Pit (c1905).   Bedlington High Street (c1900).   West End Junior School Class Bedlington (c1916).
Emily & Bill   Emily Fail (born 1887) with daughter Martha G Fail, known as Pat, (born 1919), taken c1938 at Newbiggin on Sea, Northumberland.   Charles Fail (centre) with brothers at South Farm
Robert Fail 1922 to 2002   Charles Henry Fail 1877 to 1955   Charles, Robert, Mary Fail with David Houston and Charles Richard (R).
Margaret Fail (nee Hudson), wife of Charles Henry Fail   Suzanne, Charles and Jean Fail with husband Norman Gofton.   Suzanne, Jean and Margaret Fail
Thomas Fail (aka Old Thos) born 1870   Thomas, Herbert and Martha Fail at Benridge 1947   Netherton Amateur F.C. 1920-1921, Back Row: 4 & 5 from left: Basil Fail, George Fail, Front Row: 1 & 2 from left: Charles Fail, Herbert Fail.
George Fail (centre) and Michael Burn at Morpeth Cricket Match   Bertha Fail (nee Burn) and Pansy, WW1   Grave of Lt Col Frederick Fail OBE, in a cemetery in Brighton.
Wedding of Martha Georgina Fail and Richard Dua, 11th November 1944.   Ben Dua, 5 x great grandson of Thomas Fail of Togston.   Sian & Connor Dua-Harper, 5x grandchildren of Thomas Fail of Togston.
George Fail (1894-1975) & Bertha Fail, nee Burn (1894-1995), in 1970.   Former premesis of T. Fail & Sons, Butchers, Morpeth 1970.   Embroidery by Mary Fail, Aged 10 years, Netherton School.
Benridge Farmhouse & Field House Cottage, October 1991   Field House Cottage, named after Field House Farm, Hepscott   Church
Church with gravestones   Church with graveyard   Monkseaton Resident's Wonderful Record newpaper clipping
Mr & Mrs Henry Fail celebrate their Ruby Wedding Anniversary on March 10th 1939, newspaper clipping.   Gravestone of Margaret Jane Fail (nee Jordan) who died June 1st 1941, and Charles Henry Fail who died September 15th 1953.   Unknown
Gravestone of John Thomas, Jane and George William Fail   Northumbria Mountain Sport Shop   Headstone
Headstone   Headstone   Headstone
Headstone   Fail, Blue House, Netherton   couple
Headstone of Thomas Fail, Mary Ann Ewart, and their son Frederick   Great grandfather George William Fail of South Farm, Nedderton, who died in his 90th year, in 1934   Gertrude Fail 1905-1948
Gertrude Fail 1905-1948   Gertrude Fail 1905-1948 & Basil Septimus Fail 1903-1941   Gertrude Fail 1905-1948 & Basil Septimus Fail 1903-1941
William Oswald Ernest Fail   George Fail Standing   George Fail (2nd from left) - family gathering at Edmundbyers
Charles Robert Fail 1899-1995   Ernest Fail 1897-1993   Frank Fail 1910-1926
Frank Fail 1910-1926   Ann Sagorski (nee Fail) & husband Walter, 2005   1st Lt. Ernest Fail, Scottish Horse WW1
Northumberland 2007   Emily & Pat Fail 1942   1st Lt. Ernest Fail, Scottish Horse WW1
George Maberly Phillips   George William Fail 1845-1934   Marion Fail (born 1879)
Jane Walker   MG (pat) & brother WEH Fail, c1929   Marion Farrell, 2 Almond boys & George Maberly Phillips
RGA & Pat Dua, Emily, Doreen, Laura, Ethel Fail & husband